Dusk Series

Dusk is when we can still see the horizon line and
Although our fiery sun no longer can burn our eyes with its brilliance
Light remains to color the slowly darkening sky.

Land loses definition.

Natural sounds mute, then vanish, as animals settle to sleep, perhaps to dream.

Only the brightest stars and planets are yet visible.

Dew falls.

It is a most beautiful time.

Perhaps these paintings will inspire viewers to stop
And watch this ethereal transitory state between day and night.

Benny Alba
September 2022

Interview with Benny Alba

Dusk and Blue Horizons, 2022

In this video, the Maturango Museum interviews Benny about her most recent solo exhibition, Dusk and Blue Horizons, in Ridgecrest, California. Benny touches on inspiration from her childhood, her artistic process and love for roads, weather and landscapes.