Welcome to the Fine Art of Benny Alba

American Storm Series

Every work that I create has a challenge to myself in it.
That challenge may be the size of the art, the materials used, the colors and
their combinations, the shapes, the symbols and/or the message that I intend to convey.

I hope you will enjoy viewing these creative adventures as much as I did making them.

Here you will see a selection of paintings that range over time as a selection from a serious artist’s career. Climate change brings a greater interest to a topic I have found riveting since early childhood.

“Veils of Rain” is a sizable oil painting from the American Storm Series. Inspiration came to me during a 16 hour drive trip from Pocatello, Idaho to my home in Oakland, California.

After driving to upper Montana to mount a solo exhibition, I had the honor of staying a month at the Montana Artists Refuge; a mid-Montana, quiet place with a beautiful, well lit studio heated by wood stove. At the month’s end I returned to upper Montana to deinstall the show, then stopped the night in Idaho. Driving across the high desert in the dead of winter the next day meant observing vast panoramas of entire storm systems.

I drove though three complete whiteouts, observing sleet, snow, rain, hail, sunshine and rainbows but only an occasional car every hour or less. The road was empty of any sign of human life for hours on end. Propping a digital camera on the steering wheel, looking at the view screen meant capturing storm image in the hundreds. Those photos have continued as a source for paintings.

Other series presented in this web site are a selection of images from earlier times.

A survey book, “Benny Alba: 1963 – 2013” will be available in 2015.

Please feel free to contact the artist for further information.

Benny Alba
Oakland, CA.
May 2015