Welcome to the Fine Art of Benny Alba

Dusk Series

Every work that I create has a challenge to myself in it.
That challenge may be the size of the art, the materials used, the colors and
their combinations, the shapes, the symbols and/or the message that I intend to convey.

I hope you will enjoy viewing these creative adventures as much as I did making them.

Dusk Series

My newest series is about dusk.

Dusk is a universal experience. 
Cooling, the air becomes damp, scents of earth and the last bird songs come to our attention. Above us, pale blue skies shift to indigo. The formerly brilliant horizon mutates from saturated reds and golds to yellows, pinks, lavenders and grays — while clouds form purple lines, puffs and solids. The wind stills. Birds flit and settle into the quiet. We hear small animals rustle in the grass and leaves. If we’re lucky, we see fireflies pulse and the faint appearance of stars. 
Dusk. We are in a time of transient shimmering.
Benny Alba
January 2022
Oakland, CA.